Increase Client Engagement on Your Website

StrategyIf you are not getting the amount of people interacting with your website content that you imagined, did you know that you can turn things around on a dime by making small changes on your website? While you might think your website is a visual masterpiece, it might need only tiny changes in order to get the visitors to begin to spend more time engaging the content.

One of our strategic partners, a Charleston SEO firm suggest to make a few of these changes and you will begin to see a complete turnaround in the way people interact with your content.

Are there social media buttons under every post that you make on your website? If yes, are there numerous choices or just the ones that you use? Every person has their favorite social media platform, so list them all because you want to make it easy for these folks to spread the word about your content. There are a ton of free tolls only that you can utilize to get those social buttons on every page of your website.

Where is your newsletter sign-up box on your website? Do you even have a sign-up box? Most people have become blind to seeing that box in the upper right corner of the website to the point they don’t even interact with it any more. The savvy website owners have discovered when you place the sign-up box in a place not normally used for this purpose, visitors will respond.

Rather than post long article after long article on your website, engage the audience by giving them some entertainment instead. It is just as easy to make a video or an info-graphic that gets your message out there. These are easier on the eyes, and allow the visitor to kick back and absorb the information more easily. It is more likely a visitor will watch a 7 minute video than read an article with the same amount of content.

Give your audience something for free. If they are not signing up for your newsletter, go after them in a different manner. Post an interesting article, then cut it short and allow the visitor to grab the rest for free in a free upload. All they need to do is type in their email and they get the upload with the content they need for free.

So now that you know what it takes to get the visitors to interact more with your content, chunk down this list and you will be heading in the right direction.


Tips for Getting Full Price Offers in a Sellers Market

The one thing that you have to understand in a seller’s market is that just because there are more buyers than houses does not guarantee you will get the price you are asking. Some buyers are patient, and if the right hose comes to market they will actually get in a bidding war over it, leaving your home to sit stale while others sell in days.

Premier One offered us a few tips to help you to sell your house quickly in a seller’s market from their experience as a homes for sale Charleston SC listing site.

Homes for Sale Charleston SCThe first thing to focus on is the presentation of your home. Just because there is limited inventory, don’t get lazy here. Take some time to get all the clutter out of the house and into storage. By clutter, we are talking about things that you will have to eventually pack anyway that are taking up valuable space in the closets, attic, basement, or garage. The house needs to be clutter-free so it appears more spacious to potential buyers.

Next, we focus on cleaning the inside so it looks like a model house. Hire a cleaning company that can steam-clean the carpeting, wash the floors, clean the window treatments, restore shine to the bathroom, and eliminate odors from upholstery. The few dollars you spend now will make certain that you sell the house in record time once it goes to market.

Now we need to start working on the exterior of the house. Call in a professional landscaping crew to cut the lawn, edge the property, trim the bushes and trees, and mulch the flower beds. Rent a power washer and restore the shine to gutters, siding, walkways, the driveway, garage door, fences, and patio area. By creating a stunning exterior, you make it easy to increase the curb appeal and have potential buyers become emotionally connected to the house.

Now is the time to find the best local real estate agent. Your realtor will now send over a crew to video and photograph all of the house so it can be listed online and in some local realty publications. Your realtor is the key to getting your property seen by as many potential buyers as possible. The right realtor has many connections in this industry, and they can have qualified buyers in the house that same day who may fall in love with your well-cared for home.

Now you know all the tricks to selling the house fast even in a seller’s market.

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Boating Safety Tips for Beginners and Veteran Boaters

Boats in the HarborEven if you have many years boating experience under your belt, it is always a good idea to go over the basic safety teams. One of the reasons is that as you put a few years behind you, a person may become a little complacent thinking they don’t need to prepare like they did when they were not as skilled a boater.

Here are some of the safety concerns brought to us from a leading boats sales listing provide (, that you should consider regardless your boating experience.

With so many other boats and people out in the water, it just makes sense to tell one person at home exactly what course you will be traveling today. In the event something goes terribly wrong, this person can alert rescue exactly where your boat was traveling to cut down on the search efforts and get you back home safely. This takes a few minutes but can be invaluable for you and your guests.

Invest in a satellite phone before your next trip out on the water. Regular cellphones lose signal power that far out at sea, and your radio could malfunction any time. Having a working satellite radio on board will make certain you have a way to communicate with someone on shore who can get you the help that you need.

Fill the tank with fuel before each trip and take the time to chart where a few service stations are along the journey. If you run low on fuel and one station is out of gas, knowing where you have to travel can make things go smoother for you. Also, it is a good idea to keep the business card on board of a towing company in the event things break down and you are stuck limping on the seas as a storm approaches.

Perhaps you have been boating for a while and have gotten away having a few drinks here or there while on the boat. This should be something you stop immediately. These days, there are simply too many people in the water swimming, crabbing, fishing, sailing, tubing, and just relaxing. When you are drinking, it only takes a few to mess up your focus and you could hurt someone that you can not see just out of sight.

These boating safety tips should help you to have a fun and safe time every time you take the boat out on the water. Take these boating safety tips to heart and you have a safe adventure that your family and friends will cherish for years to come.

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